The Global Divestment Mobilisation is 1 month away and there are over 100 events registered, highlighting the devastating impacts of climate change and the need to break our ties with the fossil fuel industry.  

This is why it’s so important that we focus on the rapidly escalating climate impacts affecting people all around the world right now.

Here’s your chance to get an overview of what’s going on around the Netherlands  for the week of actions. You can find an action near you and join in – or get inspired and organise your own!

On Monday actions at municipality level will kick off the action week. For instance the groups of Amsterdam Fossielvrij, Den Haag Fossielvrij & Utrecht Fossielvrij are currently thinking of special divestment actions on that day!

On Tuesday there will be a surprise action – to add a little extra excitement to the week 🙂

On Wednesday we focus on major fossil fuel investors: the pension funds! There are already two concrete actions planned: one in Amsterdam (ABP) and one in Zeist (PFWZ – ‘Zorg & Welzijn’).

On Thursday different student groups at Dutch universities join the actions. They focus on the ties between Shell & academia – and will call on their university to take a stand on the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to infiltrate and manipulate science.

Also on Thursday is a bank action – “Drums for Divestment”! – focussing on the most fossil-fuelled bank of the Netherlands, ING – at the Amsterdam headquarters. The call? Divest from fossil fuels!

Friday may be the best day of the week. Because that’s when the people of Fossil Free Culture join. As always, they have a sharp (and creative!) eye on fossil fuel sponsorship of arts & culture.

These are just some of the events that have caught our imagination so far. It couldn’t be easier to get involved in Global Divestment Mobilisation where you live by joining or registering an action of your own.